ZomBcon Seattle 2010 Day 2!!!!

Well, day two at ZomBcon is a rap, and it was an eventful one to say the least! We saw a big jump in attendance and were busy running around all day. Excited zombie enthusiasts were lined up at our booth for most of the day to get their chance to shoot at our Living Dead Targets! Our high-powered air soft guns gave them a chance to win some free merch. It was a pretty awesome day to say the least.

We got a very cool opportunity to get some great shots of our people with some cultural icons today, even more so than yesterday, including our very own resident zombie! Not many people can say they’ve been given a chance to ring George A. Romero’s neck!

Pictured: George A. Ramero, Jewel Scroggins

Our very own Daniel Enciso won a prize on stage as well today for his tattoo work of the living dead! “Most people don’t know this, but there were zombies in the bible…” he said on stage.  His tattoo shows a picture of Ezekiel, a prophet from the Old Testament, telling the mounds of dead bones to rise from the dead and move out of his way as he traveled through a dark and dangerous valley. It was a great moment of faith for Ezekiel, and made one killer looking tattoo for our very own!

Pictured: Daniel Enciso, Brian Walton

We got a great amount of exposure today with some big names. One of which was G4, a national television network who is the go to authority on all things ‘gamer’. We were interviewed by one of their reps today who was taken back by our promotional booth and products! Look for us on ‘Attack of the Show’ in the near future.

We were also fortunate enough to have some of our very own Zombie targets show up in the flesh today as well! Zombie Joe showed up to make an appearance as well as a decomposing clown opening fire on Sugar. There was a great turn out for the con today, hoping for more people tomorrow!

Pictured: “Zombie Joe”

Pictured: Jewel Scroggins, “Sugar”

Pictured: “Sugar”